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As a handicapper, we always welcome any opportunity to cash a ticket at the window. Having lived on a thoroughbred farm for the past twenty years, in addition to experience as a computer programmer for The Jockey Club, was the inspiration to design this program to assist those who are looking for "an edge". Was fortunate to see several horses bred on the farm leave and enjoy great racing careers, including a Kentucky Derby winner, a Canadian Derby winner and several Grade I Stakes winners. Perhaps this program will assist you in that walk back up to the window when the race is over.




What it does:

1) Makes handicapping thoroughbred horseraces a snap.

2) Provides you with an easy to understand handicapper's printout.

3) Gives you flexability for choosing which criteria you'd like to emphasize.

4) Provides a simple "Racing Program" which can be printed out.

5) Operates off of brisnet.com PP Data Files (single) - costing $1 for a day of races at any track.

6) Very speedy handicapping process. Handicap a day's races a few minutes before you leave for the track.

The Today's Picks window gives you crucial information based on the percentages you have chosen.

And you can print out the Today's Picks window for betting and further study at the track.

Essentially, Racetrack Handicapper makes it easy to see what you need to know, and it helps you with your betting decisions.


To view the help file included with Racetrack Handicapper, click here.


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(The cost is $75 for a single user download on a single machine.) System requirements: Windows

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My email address is: johnkotas@hotmail.com



Detailed description of Racetrack Handicapper here.



New in version 1.1 - 3 different methods for handicapping past performances:





New in version 1.2 - Track Conditions can be factored in: